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About Us

The Renfrewshire Sports Development Committee was established in 2002 and is based at the Disability Resource Centre, Love Street, Paisley. Our aims are:

To organise and promote sporting activities which are suitable for, and meet the needs of, people with a broad range of disabilities and sensory impairments.

To increase confidence through engagement in a variety of sporting activities.


To engage with the local community through the use of local venues.


To make the community aware of the range of sporting activities available for people with disabilities.


"When I'm out there I don't feel like somebody in a chair.


It's one of the most positive experiences I've had since I became disabled eight years ago and I was really grateful for the opportunity."

Harry Boyd

"I was out on the boat this morning and I thought it was very calming.


It was really great to see how much everybody was enjoying it. There was a smile on everyone's face no matter what their disability."

John Kelly


“The past few weeks has given people like myself the opportunity to go on a speedboat and a sailboat without a wheelchair. 

It has been such a good feeling, it was just brilliant."

Pamela Byars


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